About Us

The story of the BeeQuine honeybee:

Before the name "BeeQuine", the company was originally going to be named "See Bee Dee" with a play on the term of "CBD". With the ever-changing hemp industry regulations it was decided to change the name. That said, you may still notice a few elements of "See Bee Dee" in the BeeQuine honey bee. His glasses (see), he's a honeybee (bee) and the shape of one of his stripes is a bit unusual (dee).

How the BeeQuine company was born, according to company owner Gary Eastman:

"Around 2017 the Iverson Family in Wilsonville, OR (Home to Tulip Festival) had the Patriarch become very ill. He was bedridden, lethargic and dying. They reached out to their cousin (Tim) who was in the medical marijuana industry.

Tim had recently been exposed to the benefits of Hemp and suggested they try CBD for their father. After trying the CBD within days their Dad was up and reading the paper and participating in driving around the various projects on the farm. Sadly he only lasted a few weeks, however, he was functional those final weeks.
The Iversons then decided to start growing the Hemp and extracted it for the CBD. It has become a huge business for them.
My friend Rick played in a Band with Tim and exposed me to the operation in Wilsonville. Tim posed the question of "what to do with the Biomass" created by the extraction process. I researched it and found out that Hemp Biomass was beneficial to Mammals. So I started pelletizing the Biomass and that is what we now have as a product.
As time has gone on I have moved on from the Iverson's Biomass as it is low in CBD content. I have found a producer that uses a different process to extract the CBD and it leaves more CBD in the Biomass. We then get tests on every crop to assure the CBD content is a minimum of 150mg/scoop."


If you’re like us, you’d rather spend a day in the saddle than in the company of your fellow humanand for good reason! Our equine counterparts are not just beloved members of our family, but extensions of our soul. Like us, they suffer from an array of mental and physical conditions that we believe can be remedied through the use of natural supplementation.