Product Testimonials

Some of the top riders in various disciplines are loving the BeeQuine products and the differences they are seeing in their horses. See what people are saying about BeeQuine below.



Tammy Pachl

“I started my 9 year old Quarter Horse, Bandit on [BEEQUINE] brand CBD Pellets in December 2018. After being on the product for a month we entered our first barrel race of the new year and Bandit came right through the arena gate and ran his new fastest time! Before [BEEQUINE] Bandit would get anxiety at the gate when it was our turn, now he comes in focused and ready to run.”


Ashley White

“Almost exactly a year ago we found out that my 2yo APHA gelding had basically destroyed his hocks, arthritis in both and a fracture in the right one. I was given many options, everything from surgery to humanely euthanizing him. I chose to do it my own way, as usual lol. I hand walked for 3 months. I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent talking to better horsemen than I trying to figure out what to do with him. I love a challenge and what makes me the happiest is taking the castoffs and turning them into diamonds. Just when I thought he was healing up nicely from the fracture, his patella started locking in his right leg. Every day coming out of his stall, he would literally pack that hind leg and hop on the other for several strides. It was heartbreaking to say the least. I started “conditioning” him about a month ago, hoping that a program special tailored to him would help strengthen his hind end and alleviate the stress he was putting on his left hind leg. Also about a month ago I started him on BEEQUINE™ pellets. I have a video of him from when I started all this where he has a NOTICEABLE short stride in his right hind (the taller white sock). The video attached is from today when I was working him and he unexpectedly decided to change directions. Though its not a beautiful stop and rollback, it brings tears to my eyes to see his execute a rollback and head off ON HIS BAD SIDE without missing a step. This is something he would have been completely unable to do just a couple months ago. He goes back in for X Ray’s to see if his hocks are fusing (which, I was told they could start to fuse around this age and he -may- be sound), but the [BEEQUINE] has some SERIOUS magic in it, he went from coming out of his stall 3 legged, to a limp, to now just 2 or 3 short strides, all in less than a month.”


Summer Raya-Huston

“My fire breathing dragon of a mare has been on BEEQUINE for two months and has made a 180.  She’s calmer while exercising, here back legs aren’t stocking up and not irritable while getting brushed. We are currently legging her back up after a year off for barrel racing and doing great… and now she is calm enough for my 2 year old son to ride and rope on.”


Kirsten Rena

“I have a 19 year old gelding that has suffered from ulcers and was really cranky taking him to shows and getting him tacked up. He has some stiff legs due to arthritis too. He has been on these pellets for the past few months and his improvement is amazing. We will always keep him on them now, plus I love that Wilco sells it!!”


Allison Kraynak

“My usually very high-strung 6 year old thorougbred mare has become a totally different horse since I started using your BEEQUINE! She was always VERY speedy and often too distracted to listen to what I was asking of her. Since I’ve started using your product she has been an absolute hoy to ride! For the first time in a long time I enjoyed riding her more than my other horse. Thank You!!”