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BeeQuine CBD

Original Blend

Original Blend

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All-natural, larger-sized hemp pellets, ½” to ¼” in size. Ideal for most horses & dogs. 1.48 pounds (672 g).

When you choose BEEQUINE, you are guaranteed full spectrum CBD hemp products, lab-tested and reviewed by an equine veterinarian, a nutritionist and a chemical engineer to ensure the highest quality, consistency and effectiveness for your equine athlete. Our all-natural, human grade products are sourced locally from hemp grown and processed in a corner of the United States distinguished for its lush and fertile landscape: The Great Pacific Northwest.

Our formula promotes healing from the inside out and supports anxiety relief, muscle fatigue, joint inflammation, healthy hair+skin+hooves, positive appetite, digestive health, cardiovascular health and immune function in your equine athletes.

Recommended Dosage:

Horses: 1 scoop 2x daily

Dogs 25-100lbs: 1/2 scoop daily


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